2010: over and out

Although I’ll be sitting at home practicing my pipe smoking tonight while watching a foreign film, or otherwise showing pretentious nonchalance to the new year; I do need to change my ‘wall planner of awesome’ today, and I did start this blog with posts about intentions for the 12 months that have only just passed.

I went mad for a couple of hours one afternoon, fell off my bike twice, walked away from someone I loved, and had a really bad crick in my neck just yesterday, but overall it was another great calendar event.

Business – I’m still in it: only just, and with two other jobs, but still in it. I gained assistance from two business men and have started developing something exciting in the world of cycle couriers. The project wobbled a bit, but I am about to roll the dice and see what happens.

  • 8 tweetups / open coffee events
  • 8 lectures including the excellent StartVI bootcamp
  • 5 general presentations
  • 3 conferences including the brilliant Showcase and Bizcamp Belfast – both of which I presented at

Otherwise – I tried orienteering, barefoot running, painted a bicycle, mended some clothes, sold my motorbike, realised I shouldn’t have bought another motorbike, went up Cavehill for the first time, was soundman at a charity event, attended a protest or two, learnt to touch type in Dvorak instead of Querty, came second in class in my first mountain marathon, tried some slack-lining, and stuck needles in someones arm as I completed my wilderness medical training.

  • read 14 books
  • saw 6 movies in the cinema
  • attended 11 local gigs and 1 classical concert
  • listened to 3 public speakers
  • put one foot in front of the other for 6 runs/races
  • was in the Mourne mountains 7 times
  • cycled 100 miles in a day
  • experienced 10 other events including a play, exhibition, fashion shows, bicycle races and Pecha Kucha Night
  • donated blood 3 times
  • sold ?? items on eBay
  • fasted 16-24 hrs at least 50 times
  • watched at least 64 hrs of TV series’ and at least the same in movies, which is about 8 waking days or 2.2% of my time

Further to previous intentions: I do have a book for quotes, a file for writings, two canvasses of my pictures, have slowly started French, booked a mountaineering course in the Alps, and met a man who has contacts in Mongolia and knows someone doing the Mongol Rally in 2011. As I said, some intentions wax, others wane… it’s all just an outline that ensures progression and shuns boredom.

Let us end with a story: Last Sunday a man came up to me at the checkout in work and exclaimed, “it’s a shame they have you working on St. Stephen’s Day”. When I finally realised what he was talking about, I replied that it wasn’t a shame for him, or my bank account, and besides: I live in the moment, where any day can be Christmas if you want. He then asked if I had heard of “Carpe Diem”… YES.


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