Anally retentive: GR20 kit list

No, that Rob Brydon thing was called “Annually Retentive”, and very funny it was too. This post is about the anal side of trekking that unfortunately has to be embraced by serious participants at one point or another.

You see, there is a parallel journey, a story arc through many treks, as a mountaineer and hiker develops in their skills. First they try to bring the world they are used to, comfortable with, into the wilds; and find it a rather uncomfortable experience. Gradually, we find new freedom and immersion in our new surroundings by ditching more and more of what we once thought was essential. Advanced intermediates often reach this stage, where they analyse what they take and what they actually used; so as to refine the experience next time.

Even this is an outward sign of an unconscious parallel; gifts brought back from the wilds in the back of the mind and the depths of the heart. What do we carry around everyday that we would be more free without?

Someday we will become as comfortable in all realms, unburdened, and free forever.

With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of every last thing I brought on the GR20, what I considered taking, and my views on it after the fact. The ‘base weight’ (before fuel, food and water variables) is the measure by which measures are made in this strange little world…

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