Dog’s dinner: woof

It is hard to go wrong with Delia’s Cookery Course; especially at this time of year when the harvest is in and hot food with a dash of sentiment warms us just thinking about it. Indeed, the past few weeks I enjoyed working my way through beef stroganoff, goulash, and bourguignon. They were all delicious and it is good to know I am capable of turning them out, but a little fancy for my regular fare.

I have a fairly basic level of enjoyment when it comes to food: I like making it, and I savour the flavour every time my fork enters my bake. I am happy to eat the same thing most of the time (as long as it is not crap) and break out every now and again for a treat. This is my general diet:

Mon – Fri
In the morning I have a fry cooked in lard. 2 large eggs, half a tomato, a few mushrooms, some red onion or leek, and either 2 sausage or 2 bacon or a burger. This is for winter: in summer I make an omelette.

In the evening I start with some broccoli and a few leaves of savoy cabbage then add something else. Often I just cook a joint on Monday and have a fifth each day with a bit of gravy. Sometimes I have chilli, curry, or this dog’s dinner which I shall describe below. A slice of cake afterwards is very civilized. Cake with butter more so.

I may also snack a bit during the day. Banana, ham, cheese, nuts, crisps, fig rolls, biscuits, soup.

Often on a Wednesday, after cycling with mates I’ll have a chicken fajita in Boojum. Yum!

Sat – Sun
Lunch is generally 2 sausage rolls and half a tin of baked beans. For dinner I’ll have some fish, quiche or a pizza, or scones with cheese. Breakfast is a banana, or any leftover fry materials from the week.

Some days I fast and only eat dinner. There you go: not strictly primal, especially at the weekend, but it fuels my training and working outside in all weather. I certainly feel a lot better than when the majority was porridge, bread, pasta and rice. Oh, the fatigue!

OK, so what is this dog’s dinner that started the post?
1kg lean mince
1 onion
1 courgette
1 leek
1 tin baby carrots
1 tin kidney beans
1 tin chopped tomatoes
2 cloves garlic
seasoning and herbs
cheese on top

Cook the mince and onion, stick the rest in to simmer for as long as you like. Portion up into the fridge. Reheating in the microwave is probably bad for me, but as the cabbage only takes 5 mins to cook on the hob it makes for a very quick dinner. Yes, it is still good even by Saturday, but you could freeze it if you like. Pretty healthy, eh?

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