Mañana: that’s an October thing…

A hurried sigh, followed by the dismissal, “that’s an October thing”, has been the mantra around our house in recent weeks. So many wee things that we want to get at but can’t due to more imminent pressures and the culminations of long endeavours . Nice, little tasks. Contained, rounded chores. Things that can be achieved and crossed off a list; that have little consequence other than to enhance our environment and have our affairs in ship-shape: one less thing to think about, as it were. Things like…

  • darning clothes
  • waterproofing jackets
  • hanging pictures
  • storing boxes
  • weeding the drive & patio
  • selling old stuff
  • backing up paperwork
  • sending invoices
  • changing my bank
  • getting our internet to work better
  • blogging more regularly (* I had this written to post yesterday, but didn’t get around to it!)
  • reading a book!


October promises to be a month of recouperation and reflection. Settling into the winter routine and harvesting our reserves for the next adventures in life. Gentle organisation and quiet plotting. Do you have a bunch of October things for mañana?

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  1. I have sat on my ass and done none of these things yet! Going to be busy tomorrow *ahem*…

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