March 2nd: My “new year” appears.

Just a quick post that requires no research or linking, just the thoughts to be released.

“Spring has sprung,

The grass has ris’,

I wonder where them birdies is?”

Yes, our typical New Year celebrations are rather empty for me. A new calendar: that is all. My problem is that it doesn’t accurately signify anything. The shortest day has passed and we’ve just marked our darkest hour with celebrations tied to religious festivities at Christmas. We claim only a week later that the New Year is beginning, but in fact winter has barely started. I feel that is why people quickly get deflated after a few days. There is no real significance for us to latch on to. We want to be different and new, but around us the cold endures and the lightening days are still without power.

For me, spring is the real signal of New Year. There is new life, there is change; the whole natural world kicks into gear. This happens at a different time throughout the world (and within countries). I first really felt it about 6 years ago, when spring hit Belfast on the 25th February late in the evening. I remember this because it was my friend’s birthday and we were popping out to buy some drinks. I was completely overwhelmed by the atmosphere. Change was in the air like a quiet storm. I stopped to touch the tree at the side of the road because I was sure the plants all around were waking from their slumber; the life-force of vital saps welling up inside them. Everything was still and expectant. Sure enough, the next morning the sun blazed through fresh clear air while buds adorned branches and poked from the ground.

I don’t deny the weather conditions favourable to such an event and the pheromones of plant activity are what I sensed, rather than some esoteric “energy”, but the point is that we can sense it if we take the time to notice. In all actuality, now that I have had the chance to consider, these conditions were apparent on Sunday evening: I could have declared “New Year” then, or even yesterday, but I was caught up with hectic activity and let it slip by. As I tweeted earlier today, I was removed from the experience until now; but now it is!

I would encourage everyone to recognise their own “New Year” when it happens for them, and to roll onward with the positive surge that nature provides. Let’s get to it!

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