MMM: getting close

Just under two weeks now until my little highlight of the year – the one thing I allowed myself to partake in, train for, aim for – the Mourne Mountain Marathon.

I took part in a few orienteering events to practice navigation and do some off-road running. The WEE (Wednesday Evening Events) organised by Lagan Valley Orienteers are open to all for £4. You get to borrow an electronic dibber, get a map for a short or long course, and some friendly pointers if you are new to the sport. After a disasterous first event, I got quite hooked and did a lot better the next few times. I expect I may do some more next year.

Apart from that, I have been doing my 4 mile weekly trail run with my pack and Inov8’s. Compared to the Jinga plimsoles I normally run around in, even the Inov8’s feel heavy, so I have been getting used to them. I have also been wearing my pack during my recent body-weight workouts.

My team mate John and I met for a 10 mile run in the Mournes on Sunday to get some mountain under our feet. I went in fasting to test my strategy for the event, and all went well: I plan not to eat on either morning so that I am already fat-burning once I begin. This way I will not crash and will find my ideal pace more quickly. I will snack regularly to top-up some protein for the muscles and to replace any carbs expended during strenuous sections. I will eat 2 meals in the afternoon/evening, which my body can work on overnight.

We took about 3hrs 15mins, getting in some ‘marched’ climbs, bog, contouring and various degrees of trail. Kit is decided, finally got confirmation I am off work, and I am nearly getting a little excited. Easy now: Experience over anticipation. Next report – after event.

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  1. Interesting nutritional strategy there Craig. You’ll certainly be glycogen depleted in the morning and so you’ll enter fat burning sooner, but surely all you’ll be doing is ensuring that you DO hit the wall. After all marathon runners don’t hit the wall until 20 miles are so?

    I’m still hoping to make it down there myself, but not in a participatory role.

  2. Nice new look to your site Simon!
    I shouldn’t be glycogen depleted as I will be lying in bed – it’s only intense exercise which really eats into our reserves. The MMM will be moderate apart from the uphills! I will top-up my carbs and supply a little protein to the muscles with snacks once I am running. It does help that I’ve been basing my energy on fat for nearly a year now… it is unnecessary to eat fat beforehand (and it would sit heavy for hours), and eating carbs would just raise my insulin levels, give me an initial burst, then have me chasing the blood sugar dragon to the end 😀

    Hope to see you about, you have permission to laugh if I bonk!

  3. Ah, reading it again I think that I misunderstood your comment about fasting. I thought you were planning to deplete your glycogen levels in advance by fasting … which would be weird!

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