MMM: the gear

Above is pretty much everything I carried for the mountain marathon, bar a few items my team mate was splitting with me – like this awesome cooking set-up:

A full inventory of every last item with weight can be viewed as PDF here. Cup, trousers and sleeping bag could be lighter. Extra leggings were not really necessary and the phone was for emergency, although there was no signal.

I wore:

  • Berghaus base layer
  • Merino undies & liner socks
  • Ronhill bikester bottoms
  • Inov8 terroc shoes
  • Montane wind smock
  • Yellow cycle cap

I would recommend more aggressive shoes. I wanted the Roclite’s but nowhere had them. When I was sliding down the side of Spelga I wished I had gotten the Mudclaw’s!

For food I took:

  • 2 person Mountain House spag. bol.
  • 1 person Mountain House pasta & lasagne sauce
  • Angel Delight – butterscotch
  • 2 Caramel mini rolls
  • 60mls Port
  • 8 homemade snack bars – almond, apricot, coconut
  • 200g dark chocolate (50%)

The chocolate was dense energy, although a little claggy in the mouth. Rice Crispy buns are certainly easier to eat, if bulkier. The Mountain House meals are fantastic, but a silly price for anything but occasional use. Next time I will definitely bring electrolyte tablets as I suffered cramps near the end of each day, but overall my nutritional strategy worked well and my muscles have not had any stiffness.

The only real disappointment was the Laser Elite pack. Both straps ripped part way through which was quite disconcerting considering I had only used the bag about five times, and was in the middle of a race. The hip pockets were too small and there was no easy access to the side pockets for your water bottle. No chest strap either. I only tried this as it was cheap in work, but it appears to be a self-defeating exercise in ultralight: Terra Nova themselves have other packs that are much better designed, not to mention OMM or Inov8.

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