Off the radar: it has been quiet in here

There has been a lot happening in the past two years despite none of it being written about on here (yet). In terms of sport I have had two seasons of cyclocross racing, a recce and race of the Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc in France, and having successfully completed my 3-year UTMB plan, rounded it all off with the Mourne Skyline Race as my ‘retirement’ run. All that while working 6 days a week and starting a long term relationship. The lovely Deirdre and I also managed a camping trip to Scotland, some weekends around Ireland, a bivvy, and a week in Galicia, Spain.

That was all in the first year, so you may understand my lack of blogging. The lady in question then only went and got a job in Bali. Before you could say ‘career break’ I was ramping up my savings and trying to organise my life through selling and storage so that I could jet off with two months notice. With all the commotion and busy-ness of the past few years I relished the change of pace and a chance to do nothing for a while.

I haven’t had enough money to get on like a tourist the whole time and the visa situation strictly prohibits me from getting any work here, so there has been a fair amount of reading and thinking and recuperation. Life will be busy again soon enough as my funds dry up and I return home to familiar work and new ventures. Bali has been a fascinating experience in many respects, and allowed some side trips to Japan, Philippines, and (soon) Malaysian Borneo for visa hops. Sure, you couldn’t beat it with a big stick. Now to hope they let me back in one more time so we can enjoy Christmas and New-Year together… Deirdre has the opportunity to stay another year so we’ll be separated by Eurasia until I reach the summer holidays. C’est la vie!

I need to get my typing chops up again as well as the energy levels to face a working day, so expect a slew of new posts over the next few months retrospectively detailing the past two years. With any luck, there will be plenty to talk about in 2016, and I will also find time to write about it when it happens. With some fortitude, twentyclicks may even finally become more than just my ramblings… I need to start digging my own rabbit holes rather than following every other one that I stumble across!

Now then, where was I….

Wooden monkey wearing headphones, sitting at a laptop.

Enough of this monkeying around!

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