Omelette: the perfect spring meal

2 large eggs (+ black pepper /mixed herbs)
2 chilli frankfurters
2 spring onions
3 mushrooms
Half tomato
Chunk of lard or butter
Parmesan cheese

4 lettuce leaves, beetroot + olive oil for side.


  • Gather everything; stick the pan on med. with lard.
  • Prep omelette contents & add to now hot pan.
  • Crack, beat, season eggs.
  • Toss contents of pan & add eggs evenly.
  • Shred lettuce onto plate, drizzle with oil + beetroot chunks.
  • Generously grate parmesan onto omelette.
  • Fold & serve (cut in half looks cool)

In 10 mins you have a tasty, filling meal with about 4 of your “5-a-day”, about 25g protein and some fat for energy. Really low carb, so you can have a bit of fruit for dessert or, like I chose on this occasion, some unsweetened organic yoghurt. Cost about £1.50 not counting the yoghurt. I’ll be enjoying this most days, until the winter fry-ups return.

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