Party politics

A short musing on a universal metaphor, after this season of gathering among all those tribes of family, work, community and friends.


The party is an entity separate from it’s attendants. Some parties have various opt-ins, departments or zones, but a great party is unifying… the members become one on the party level. Some personal aspects may have to be toned down, and others accentuated in order to meet on that level. But when we do, the resonance carries us all up together.

Some lose themselves more than others, and some by chance who are closest to the chosen vibration may be most conscious to operate and direct the proceedings (the life and soul of the party). On occasion the vibration is equal among all. Equal sacrifice for equal return on investment.

To chase self-interest or highlight difference may not be appropriate, and the honourable respect the greater good despite the illusions of convenient time and space; while others may opt to leave, or tear down from the inside.

Best to take the energy and express it another time in your own colours, as vibrant or dull as they commonly are.

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