Review: Eric Clapton

Odyssey arena, Belfast: 10th May, 2011

I bought a ticket years ago to see Eric in April 2004. I bought it as soon as they were released which was about 6 months before the show. Tragically, I was doing 18hr days on my final uni project and working a number of nights each week, so clean forgot about the gig until I was clearing my desk in July and found the ticket! ‘Face palm’ is an accurate description of my reaction… I’ve been meaning to catch him again ever since…

Andy Fairweather-Low was the support and surprisingly good he was too. The crowd loved him.

Then the man himself. Simple but effective. 1 electric guitar, 1 acoustic, never needed to tune them, no pedals (save someone putting a dollop of chorus on for Badge). Steve Gadd and Willy Weeks provided solid rhythm, but remained unobtrusive. The two backing singers were great, as were the keyboard and hammond players; although I felt there was a bit too much of the latter two. The new stuff was good, the classics all given a less-edgy twist. The acoustic stuff was amazing with the highlight of the whole show being ‘Down and Out’. EC’s voice just gets better with age, perhaps even surpassing his guitar playing?

7 years was a long wait, but worth it to see this legend. Great gig.

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