My possible services are many, and for hire!

Inspired by hearing Matt Mullenweg (of WordPress fame) discuss his modern recruiting methods in a great podcast with Tim Ferriss (4 hour work-week/body/chef), I have decided to ditch the resume format to better represent: who I am, what I have learnt, those skills that do not always get highlighted by past work, and most importantly, the types of work I want to be involved with.

How may I help further your own adventures? Please get in touch to discuss.



From Belfast, Northern Ireland, I am presently based in Bali, Indonesia while my partner Deirdre is working on sustainable fishing practices in this region. I am developing some personal projects but am open to remote collaboration, consultation, or mentoring.


An early background in music and continuing interest in photography laid the foundations of attention and creativity. I have managed a field team for a national distributor and provided expert advice and sales in the booming outdoor activity and cycle industries. Most recently, I have provided mentoring and scribe services to students through the Inclusive Learning department at a regional UK college (a very rewarding role). I often get handed those tasks that need to be seen through and done properly, although I was once reassigned at a job for being too good at it!


Sustainability, Equality, Learning/support/training.
I believe in a healthy, open, and fair environment in all respects and am seeking to work with and support ventures in these areas. If I think something is ineffective I want to turn it on its head, though the elegant nudge that steers a new course is to be admired as well.

Core skills:

Listening, Observation, Logistics.
I enjoy planning, have an eye for detail and am always happy to lend an ear.

Added value:

Mechanical aptitude; Presentation skills; Experience of start-up challenges and business basics; Familiarity with simple programming in Object-Oriented C++, HTML and more recently, Python; Experience with nutritional theory and a range of strength & endurance training.


Easy to work with, Open minded, Patient, Tough…
Whether dealing with job loss at the height of the recession or running 170km through the Alps, I apply acceptance, resolve and creativity to move forward.

Areas to improve:

As a mentor, I need to take my own medicine sometimes. I love abstract thinking or, conversely, dealing with the here and now… but the in between I can struggle with: I get distracted from action towards longer term goals by other ideas and unnecessary busy-ness. The motivation and accountability provided by a small team can work wonders, but crafting a strong vision and clear goals is effective self-help in this regards.


So, how may I help further your own adventures? Please get in touch to discuss.