Summer solstice: the shortest of bivvies

Filling in the blanks: June 2014


Craig watches the city lights and stars.

It was the summer Solstice, the weather was great and I had nothing else planned. Why not sneak a quick urban bivvy in Lagan Meadows on the shortest night of the year? I threw some kit in a bag and left the house around half eleven. It took mere minutes to arrive at my chosen location atop a hill with a small evergreen coppice.

Sometimes the youth have parties out here in the summer. I had a few contingency spots in mind, but luckily it was a quiet night and my first pick was deserted. The main path was just 20m away, but with the torch switched off I was confident that I would remain unnoticed by any late night walkers. A few stars were visible despite the glowing city lights and a horizon holding tight to the rays of a sun that had not wandered far. I enjoyed my private view and the little thrill that accompanies watching over a sleeping habitation. Soon too I would slumber. Disturbed by no dog, no slug, no drunk, but on occasion stirred by the ever lightening sky to observe the true shortness of this night.

Too soon I sensed the dawn and prepared a warm brew to greet the day. As the tea in the pot went down, the sun and myself both arose; he ever West while I… back home for a lie in.

It was the weekend after all.

Kettle and stove sit beside sleeping bag, looking over meadows at solstice dawn.


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